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July 2017
The more things change...

According to the wisdom of the internet, the default "overflow: visible" attribute should take care of my scrolling problem. I am not sure it will, but apparently I have "overflow: scroll" to fall back on (seems kind of logical, when you think about it).

There still doesn't ever seem to be enough time! Another total solar eclipse will take place this August, this one crossing the USA, and I will be joining some familiar faces for yet another eclipse party, most likely around the Madras area in Oregon.

Photos from the IUS/ICS Speleo 2017 Yarrangobilly Pre-Congress trip are up on the Smugmug site. Steven J has also put together a set of photos in a google folder.

May 2016
Back Online

In the good old days when Macromedia first devised Dreamweaver, building webites was something of a simplistic affair. Unfortunately the newer versions of Dreamweaver, now owned by Adobe, simply don't cut it, and for a long time, faced with a monumental lack of time, I resisted getting involved with the intricacies of CSS. I really didn't want or need it - I build each page separately (and anyone looking at the code on this site will see that's exactly what I'm doing here, I've just replaced my former html code with a page of CSS attributes - for each page). A simple WYSIWYG stand alone program that builds decent single pages offline would have been appreciated.

But I've dithered over this for long enough, and with people asking me to get the photo galleries back online, it was time to get started. For the record and after much research, Microsoft Expression Web 4 proved to be the best of an ordinary bunch. Hence, this abomination, built in a single afternoon of 'let's teach ourselves CSS today'. It will improve, I guess, as I work out what goes where and why the program throws code into places I don't expect it to whenever I change anything.

My photo galleries are now hosted by SmugMug - mostly because I like their layouts and their intuitive, easy-to-use system, not because I wish to take advantage of their commercial services. I DO sell photoart, but the photo galleries on this site aren't meant to be art, they're pictorial trip reports. Emerald Art as an entity will be back up and running sometime next year (chaos permitting).

My next task will be working out how to make these containers scroll...