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About C.A.L. 

C.A.L is the alter ego of Cathi Humphrey-Hood. All of my art and the majority of my writing is published under this name. It arose from the old arcade days when you could only put three initials into the top score screen of most arcade machines (my favourite being Super Xevious), and whilst these are not my actual initials, these are the ones that stuck.

C.A.L. writes, paints, turns photos into art and lives the kind of odd, slightly bohemian lifestyle that most writers and artists (should) aspire to. Cathi Humphrey-Hood, on the other hand, is a scientist and a research administrator, as well as a caver and solar eclipse chaser (with a hundred other hobbies), who is also an ENFP*.

I am lucky enough to work with people I care about and respect and in a uiversity where there is new scientific knowledge being generated on a daily basis - there is always something incredible to investigate. My interests in writing are concerned with objective/subjective identity, its underlying structure, and the nature of reality on a universal scale.

Emerald Images itself was originally a commercial experiment that still does, from time to time, produce art for sale.

*Notes on Type Descriptions: I find Myer-Briggs incredibly useful but most of the Type descriptions that come up as popular search results (for all types) are usually superficial and lacking in analytical depth. Some of the memes on Pinterest are way more accurate...

My photo galleries are now hosted by SmugMug