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Emerald Images is a digital drafting service that specialises in converting your 'pencil' scribble into precise diagrams, maps and line illustrations, and landscape photographs into works of art, primarily using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We particularly enjoy working with complex and fiddly diagrams and have infinite amounts of patience with the tricky details.


Whether you need a graphic for a business project or a geological map, we can build it for you and provide it in whatever file type you need.



Our services include: 

  • Digital drafting and 'tidying up' of digital or hard copy sketches

  • Digital layout and pre-printing services

  • Large format printing (actual ink on substrate!) *Update Sept 2021 - there are delays for this service - the printer is undergoing repair.

  • Digital mapping

  • Basic 3D landscape photogrammetry, including image gathering via aerial photogrammetry (using a DJI Mavic Pro) and 3D model buidling.






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